Awana Update

March 24, 2020

Dear parents:

First, our prayer is that you and yours are safe and that God is giving you grace to weather this storm that has come upon us.  We are writing on behalf of our Awana team to encourage you to work with your children during this time we are being asked to social distance.  Most of the children have a handbook which has sections, usually a few pages long, for your child to work through.  

There are stories to read and verses to memorize.  Would you work with your child 10 minutes or so a day and work through sections in their book?  When your child is sharing a verse, you can give a couple of small “helps.”  When you are satisfied, sign off that section and PLEASE put the date. When we come back to Awana, our staff will be able to catch up your child’s record.  If you have any questions, email Bob Fielding at  He will make sure you’re contacted by a leader in your child’s club (Puggles, Cubbies, Sparks, T&T) 

As it looks right now, schools are out through Friday, April 17. If that holds, our plan is to resume Awana on Wednesday, April 22.  After that, we will stay with the calendar as planned for the rest of the semester:  regular Awana meeting on April 29, Store night on May 6, and Awana Closing night on May 13.  

As you can see, with so few meetings left when we return, it is VITAL that you spend some time with your child(ren) to help them stay current in their handbooks. 

Also, we invite you and your family to join our church family online on Sunday mornings: 


Please let us know if you have any needs or questions.  

Thank you and God bless!!

Bob Fielding 

Chuck Winer